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Casual home copying of DVDs poses a significant threat to your DVD revenues. That's why we offer CopyBlock™ by Rovi, a leader in content protection technologies. Added only at replication, CopyBlock offers highly effective double protection - at a very affordable price.

CopyBlock delivers rip deterrence (thwarting freeware ripper programs) and anti-copy technology (copying via the analog "out" port in CE devices) based on Rovi's industry-leading technologies. This combination provides comprehensive dual protection against the top two piracy methods used by casual home copiers.

Because CopyBlock is designed for application at replication, you don't need to do a thing - no time lost or added steps to author or master - we take care of everything as we replicate your DVDs. And, it's transparent to your DVD consumer, so you can deter piracy without compromising quality. With CopyBlock dual content protection, you have the opportunity to convert would-be copiers into paying customers.

For more information about CopyBlock, contact Precise Media Services, Inc.

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