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Precise Media Services, Inc. offers a litany of packaging solutions, both automated and custom packing. Precise Media Services, Inc. has capacity that exceeds 250,000 units per day of Amaray-style DVD assembly, 100,000 units per day of CD jewel case, 100,000 units per day of sleeve assembly with wafer seal or shrinkwrap.

The right packaging can increase the response from your multimedia marketing campaign and maximize the impact and retail value of any product line. Whether it's a multimedia direct mail campaign, video sleeve or multi-pack audio album, Precise Media Services, Inc. can provide the packaging to meet every need.

Packaging Products & Services Include:

  • Control of all client materials in inventory
  • Custom packaging design and printing
  • Direct mail packaging
  • Premium packaging
  • Packaging for direct sale (infomercial, mail order, etc)
  • Retail packaging

Precise Media Services, Inc. also keeps on hand a substantial inventory of stock packaging. We are always adding new products to our inventory so call for the latest ideas and products in media packaging.

Standard Packaging Inventory Includes:
  • Standard Jewel Case
  • Slimline Jewel Case
  • Square Poly Case
  • Clamshell Poly.
  • White Paper Sleeve - No Window
  • White Paper Sleeve - w/window
  • Tyvek - no window
  • Tyvek - w/window
  • Multi-Disc DVD Case
  • Standard DVD Case
  • Slimline DVD Case
  • Quicksleeve
  • Software boxes
  • Bookstyle wallets
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